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Information on Pupillary Distance

What is it?


  • Pupillary Distance is a measurement between your two eyes. But it’s even more than just that!


Why is it not part of my prescription?


  • Pupillary Distance is measured by the person/entity creating your glasses. It determines the horizontal position of your lens in the frame and is not a measurement taken during the course of a Comprehensive Eye Examination. We are responsible for your prescription and we do not contribute to how your glasses are made outside of this practice.


What about the vertical position?


  • Good question! Your vision is most clear when the lens is centered on your visual axis, both horizontally and vertically, something that we measure with the glasses on. This measurement should be considered a necessity to be successful in Progressive Lenses.


Did you know?


  • We measure pupillary distance from the center of the bridge of your nose, providing the most precise measurement. This is also known as a monocular PD, and it is rarely the same between the two eyes.


Now what?


  • Most people ask for their PD to have glasses made online. There are further online resources that will assist you in this measurement.


There are many factors used in the fabrication of your glasses and we want you to see and look great! We can easily confirm your prescription if there is any issue with your new glasses, regardless of where you purchase them. However, if you purchase glasses elsewhere, we are unable to further investigate issues arriving from how your glasses are made, including lens design, type, brand of lens, materials, base curves, coatings, pupillary distance, seg heights, etc. 

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